generac commercial generator installation

Commercial Generator Installation

Even the best generator on the market is not going to help your business run smoothly during a power outage if it has been installed improperly. You need to make sure the installation is done right from the beginning to avoid issues later on. By working with Long Electric, you can be sure that you’ll get the most out of the investment you have made in a standby generator. As soon as the power fails for the first time after installation, you can look forward to a smooth transition and continuing power supply until the grid is restored.

Picking Out the Right Unit

Part of the installation process involved making sure the proper generator is used for the job. If you wind up with a generator which is too small for your commercial location, you won’t be able to produce the power necessary to stay up and running. Of course, opting for a generator which is larger than you really need will mean the overall cost of the project will be higher than necessary. Our team will help you find the right size generator, so you can fulfill your needs without being wasteful. Don’t try to guess as to which generator is right for your location when you can be sure to get it right with assistance from Long Electric.

Safety is Paramount

It should go without saying that safety is essential when electricity is in play. There is no need to take any risks with your generator, as you need to make sure everything is connected properly so the generator can work properly time after time. If you were to allow someone without the necessary knowledge or experience to install your commercial generator, you might save a few bucks – but you’d be taking a huge risk. Stay away from that kind of risk and hire Long Electric to take care of this job in a professional manner.

When it comes to commercial generator installation, the team at Long Electric is the easy choice. You will receive a fair rate for the work when you team with us, and you can count on the job being handled correctly from start to finish. Reach out today to learn more.