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Commercial Generator Service & Repair

When the power cuts out at your business, a number of thoughts will run through your head all at once – and none of them are good. You are likely to be picturing the unhappy customers and lost revenue that comes along with not being able to serve them. No matter what kind of business you run, being without power is almost certain to bring things to a halt.

Not a Problem

That is, of course, if you don’t have a generator. If you do have a generator installed at your business, you’ll have very little to worry about. The generator will be able to jump in and take over for the lost power from the grid, and you can keep up with business as usual. That means avoiding lost revenue, and it means impressing customers who may have come from other places that were without power.

To make sure your commercial generator is up to the task when the power does go out, have your machine serviced and repaired by Long Electric. We have all the experience necessary to get the job done right, we offer prompt service, and our prices are always fair. Don’t just assume your generator will be ready to go when a storm rolls in – have it serviced first so you know that it can do the job.

Prompt Repair

Ideally, you will keep your generator in good condition and it will be ready to serve you at any time. However, if your generator falls short and needs repair during the middle of the stormy season, Long Electric can handle the challenge right away. We know you don’t have time to wait around for this repair to be completed, so we get down to work right away and do our best to get you up and running.

Whether you need commercial generator service or repair, Long Electric should be your first call. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer – we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have about our service or our team. Thanks for visiting!