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Home Circuit Breakers & Panels

As a homeowner, what do you think of first when you think about electricity? Most likely, you think about the ways you interact with electricity on a daily basis. If you plug something in, like a hair dryer or a toaster, you expect it to have power and work without a problem. Or, if you flick on a light switch, you expect the room to be immediately illuminated. Those are the ways we use electricity, but there is a whole world behind the scenes which allows the power in your home to function properly. Specifically, your circuit breaker plays a big role in how electricity enters your home, and Long Electric can help you address issues with this crucial piece of equipment.

An Essential Role

To be sure, circuit breakers play a vital role in the electrical system of your home. Without a circuit breaker, you would almost certainly lose appliances to spikes of electricity which would fry their components. A circuit breaker acts as a barrier of protection, to both keep your appliances healthy and also to reduce the risk of a dangerous fire. Knowing how important it is to have a properly working circuit breaker in your home, you’ll want to have yours installed by a talented and experienced team. Long Electric has just the team for the job, and we’d be happy to serve you.

A Warning Sign

How do you know if there is an issue with your circuit breaker? One sign of potential trouble is when your breaker keeps tripping over and over again. If it trips once in a while, you can feel good that it is simply doing its job. However, when the problem becomes consistent, it may be a sign that your panel is wearing down. And, before you think about taking out your own tools and getting to work, remember that this is a dangerous job when not performed by a trained and licensed professional. There are plenty of other jobs around the house that you can take on yourself if you would like – leave this one to the pros.

You need a reliable circuit breaker to keep your electrical system working properly, and Long Electric would be happy to help you with the installation or repair of a breaker. Call us today to get started!