EV Charging Station Installation

tesla model s charging stationAs the popularity of electric vehicles continues to spread, the need for charging stations is only going to grow. At Long Electric, we are proud to be a Tesla Recommended Dealer!

Gas stations currently outnumber charging stations by a huge margin, but that is expected to change slowly but surely. If you would like to have an EV charging station installed in or around central Maryland, contact Long Electric today.

Doing It Right

It’s best to charge an electric vehicle through a proper EV charger. This will result in not only a safer charge, but a faster one, as well. What does an EV charger have to offer that is not provided by a typical wall plug? For starters, most EV chargers provide twice as much voltage as a standard outlet, featuring a 220-volt connection instead of 110-volt. Additionally, a quality EV charger can let the user know if there is anything wrong, check on the condition of the battery, and much more.

Ready for the Day Ahead

There is no need to stick with boring options when designing the lighting plan for your home. Even if you don’t have much of an eye for interior design, taking a trip to a lighting store will likely help you visualize what is possible in your various rooms. For instance, you may want brighter lights in the kitchen, so you can see what you are doing clearly, while opting for a softer, subtler plan in the living room or den. The final choices are up to you, of course, so create a plan that suits your tastes and let Long Electric bring it to life.

Upgrade Right Away!

If you are tired of the glacial pace that comes along with charging your vehicle through a standard outlet, make the switch to an actual EV charging station and start enjoying the benefits right away. As a Tesla Recommended dealer in Maryland, be sure to get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer!

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