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Home Generator Service & Repair

Having a generator to serve your home is a big advantage, particularly during the stormy season. When the storms arrive, you won’t have to worry about suddenly being without power for a night – or for days. Once your generator is in place and ready to serve your home, you’ll have one big worry taken off of your shoulders.

Of course, that generator you have installed is only going to be useful if it is in proper working order. If there is something wrong with the unit, it won’t be able to power up your home – and you’ll be left in the dark in the end. Specializing in Cummins and Generac generator repair, Long Electric provides reliable home generator service and repair to make sure you’re always ready when the moment arrives.

Reliable, but Not Perfect

If you think that your standby generator is a reliable machine, you are right. The modern generators that you find on the market today are remarkably dependable, so you should be able to count on yours to get the job done more often than not. However, all machines need service to stay at their best, and they can always break down for one reason or another. By providing your standby generator with the care it needs, you’ll be able to trust that power will be available when you need it most.

A Number of Possibilities

It is a good idea to call in the professional team from Long Electric when you need generator repair, as there are a few different potential issues which could be giving you trouble. Those include the following –

  • Tripping the circuit. If your generator is tripping a circuit in your home, that issue will need to be addressed before you can enjoy backup power.
  • Incorrect installation. Long Electric can identify and correct any problems which may arise from improper installation of the generator.
  • Lacking maintenance. It is easy to forget about your generator after it has been installed, especially if you go long periods of time without a power outage. However, your generator still needs ongoing maintenance to keep it in good condition.
  • Oil problems. The oil in your generator is an essential piece of the puzzle, so issues here are sure to cause problems with the operation of the unit.

There is no reason to work on your own generator when you can trust the team at Long Electric to do the job. Call us today to get started!