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Home Interior Lighting

Great lighting is key to establishing a comfortable environment in your home. Lighting is about more than just illuminating a space, so you can see what you are doing – it is about setting the right mood for that space to be enjoyed as it was intended. By working with Long Electric, you can make a plan for the lighting in your home, and then put that plan into action. Whether you need to add just a few lights in some strategic locations, or you need to install lights throughout your home as part of a major remodel, we are ready to help.

No Room for Errors

When wiring fixtures that will serve you with light for years to come, you don’t want any guesswork to be involved in the process. Rather than trying to do it yourself – and hoping you get it right – hand the job over to a professional team who is going to make sure all work meets code and is designed to last. Dealing with electricity is serious business, and Long Electric has the experience and knowledge needed to handle it properly.

Let Your Imagination Run

There is no need to stick with boring options when designing the lighting plan for your home. Even if you don’t have much of an eye for interior design, taking a trip to a lighting store will likely help you visualize what is possible in your various rooms. For instance, you may want brighter lights in the kitchen, so you can see what you are doing clearly, while opting for a softer, subtler plan in the living room or den. The final choices are up to you, of course, so create a plan that suits your tastes and let Long Electric bring it to life.

Simply put, Long Electric checks all of the boxes with regard to what you want to find in a home interior lighting installer. We have all of the necessary licenses to work in this business, and our experience speaks for itself. If you have been looking for the right contractor to handle this upcoming job, we’d be honored to work in your home. Contact us today!

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