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EV Charging Station

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

As the amount of electric vehicles on the roads continues to rise, so does the need for charging stations. The current imbalance between the number of existing gas stations and charging stations is about to change very soon! At Long Electric, LLC, we strive to meet the growing needs of our clients who wish to power their vehicles through clean and reliable methods. Our goal is to make it easy for drivers of environmentally-friendly cars to find a place to charge up and encourage potential EV buyers to make the switch to green driving!

Long Electric, LLC, is a proud Tesla-Recommended Dealer! Whether you’re interested in having us install a charging station near central Maryland or want more information about what we offer, contact us today, and we will gladly assist you!


The Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

Charging your electric vehicle through a properly installed charger is paramount for your safety. It is also a faster way to charge your car; compared to wall plugs, EV chargers provide twice as much voltage as standard outlets. To top it all off, our state-of-the-art electric vehicle charger will notify you if something is wrong with the car, the charge status and so much more!

Save Money

Charging your electric car overnight will help you save money and avoid having to fill up at the gas station, where fluctuating costs are typically much higher. In addition, you’ll be able to save even more thanks to various existing tax credits for EV owners!

Save Time

Public electric vehicle charging stations are not always easy to find and often have long waiting lines. With an at-home EV charger, all you need to do is plug it in whenever your battery is low, and it’ll be ready to hit the road in an instant.

Extended Battery Life

Public chargers can be helpful when no other option is available, but they tend to wear the vehicle’s battery down faster if you rely solely on them. By configuring home chargers at the manufacturer-recommended speeds, you’ll ensure that your EV’s battery lasts for years to come.

Lower Emissions

One of the most prevalent benefits of home EV chargers is that they do a lot of good for the environment. Every electric vehicle that replaces a gas-powered car can greatly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions from vehicles into the atmosphere.


Why Choose Long Electric, LLC, For Your EV Charging Station Design and Installation Needs

Are you ready for an enhanced electric vehicle charging experience? At Long Electric, LLC, we have the knowledge and equipment to help you make the switch to a top-of-the-line EV charging station you can rely on. Our Maryland team has garnered recognition as a Tesla-Recommended Dealer and is well versed in the latest practices of the electric vehicle world. Contact us today to learn more about everything our pros have to offer!

Are You in Need of an Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation? Contact Long Electric, LLC to Help You Out

If you’re preparing to purchase an electric vehicle and are looking for a local, reliable electrician to install a new electrical vehicle charging station in your home, the pros at Long Electric, LLC are the experts to know and trust!

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