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Home Generator Services

A backup generator is one of the best items you can invest in — it will provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind and security if the power grid goes down. Having a standby generator always available to work when you need it most is an invaluable asset that falls within budget for most homeowners.

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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Standby Generator For Your Home

Don't Assume

It is easy to make the assumption that a generator would be too costly for your budget. Still, you might want to hold off on making conclusions until you learn more about the costs of purchasing and installing a home generator. Contrary to popular belief, generators are not necessarily expensive to buy and install; the key is working with the right team of pros and finding the right one to suit your needs. With years of experience, the experts at Long Electric, LLC will be able to find solutions that meet your power supply needs while staying within budget!

Make An Educated Choice

Browsing the internet on your own and looking for a standby generator might quickly become overwhelming due to all the different terms and measurements you might come across. Unless you have previous experience using or working with generators, it won’t be easy to know how to pick one unit over another. To make the process easier, we recommend you ask your trusted electrician to walk you through the best options for you and your family. The experts at Long Electric, LLC are well versed in the latest in home generators and will take their time explaining the pros and cons of each available option to ensure you pick out the model that suits your needs best.

Great Prices And Services

When looking for a generator, don’t skimp out on features just because of the prices. You will find top-of-the-line generators at competitive prices when purchasing from Long Electric, LLC. In addition, we are also happy to offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs, including installation and repair assistance. Give us a call today to learn more about what best suits your budget, and we’ll be delighted to help you get started!


Home Generator Repairs

Having a generator on hand is an immense advantage, especially in areas where storm seasons can wreak havoc. Don’t be caught off guard next time severe weather touches down; thanks to our comprehensive generator services, you won’t have to worry about sudden outages anymore.

However, remember that keeping your generator in perfect condition is paramount to ensure it will work properly when you need it most. Luckily, the highly qualified experts at Long Electric, LLC specialize in repairing home generators from some of the most renowned brands such as Cummins and Generac. Make sure to put us on speed dial and schedule regular maintenance appointments with our team of pros!

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Home Generators Are Reliable But Not Flawless

Standby generators produced today are remarkably dependable; therefore, you can count on yours to get the job done more often than not. However, no machine lasts forever without some form of maintenance, and yours might stop working for one reason or another. By providing regular upkeep to your standby generator, our team will be able to ensure power will always be available when you need it most!

Potential Generator Issues You Should Be Aware Of

When dealing with electric or generator repairs, it is wise to let the professionals at Long Electric, LLC take care of your needs. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and equipped to handle any potential issue giving you trouble with your generator, including:

Tripping the Circuit

If you are experiencing an overload of electricity in your house because of your generator, it will need to be addressed before being able to use it for backup power.

Incorrect Installation

Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills needed to identify problems stemming from the improper installation of a generator.

Lacking Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your generator after it’s been installed, especially if you don’t experience a power outage for an extended period of time. In order to maintain the quality of your generator, it is recommended that you schedule regular maintenance visits from your trusted electricians here at Long Electric, LLC.

Oil Problems

The oil in your generator is an integral piece of the puzzle; without it, a number of issues will arise and slow down the efficiency of your unit. An experienced technician will ensure your generator is well-oiled and continues running seamlessly for years to come.

Don’t waste your time working on your generator when the professionals at Long Electric, LLC can handle it for you. Give us a call today and we’ll get started right away!
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Home Generator Installations

Purchasing a home generator is an exciting decision — one that will make you feel relief knowing that you’ll have access to electricity during blackout periods, even if the local grid goes down. However, before committing to a purchase, you must consider other factors. One of the best ways to proceed is to consult with an expert team who will oversee proper installation and maintenance, ensuring your generator operates effectively when required. Luckily for you, professionals at Long Electric, LLC have years of expertise installing home generators throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and beyond!

Get It Right The First Time

Make no mistake – buying and installing a generator to serve your home is a significant investment. With that in mind, you don’t want to waste money by having the installation done improperly the first time. That would mean the generator would not be able to serve you when you need it most, and you’d wind up spending more money to have the errors corrected later on. Avoid that hassle by working with Long Electric from the start. We can typically install a home generator in a single day, and we’ll test it to make sure everything is working properly.

Receive Personalized Attention

At Long Electric, LLC, we know that no two residential generator installations are alike. Our technicians have years of experience under their belts and are well-acquainted with the challenges that might arise while setting up your standby generator. With great attention to detail, you can trust our team to find unique, creative solutions to ensure your system is successfully installed and ready to work whenever you need it.

Trust Us For All Your Maintenance Needs

Maintenance and routine services are essential to guarantee your generator continues operating at peak efficiency. Once your installation has been completed, we advise you to continue your relationship with Long Electric, LLC by scheduling regular maintenance with our team of pros – we provide all of the services and repairs necessary for getting the most out of your generator for years to come.

Thank you for considering Long Electric, LLC for all your generator needs. If you are looking to have a standby generator installed at your home and want to make sure it is done right the first time, we are the team to know and trust. We look forward to serving you soon!

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